This rather naughty adult accessory is quite difficult to find in UK sex shops so we've done the hard work to bring you a round up of all the male and female models available.
We'll even show you who has the best prices - you lucky thing!

Sharon Sloane Double Dildo Briefs

This is the most popular pair of dildo panties for women in the UK and one of the most economically priced. Featuring an internal vaginal dildo measuring up at a comfortable 5 inches combined with an external dildo for your partner at a slightly larger 7 inches, these panties are made from Sharon Sloane's well known, high quality latex designed to be kinky and practical and are a great alternative to traditional strap ons that are often rather aesthetically unappealing.

As with all latex products, if you like your pleasure to have a high gloss shine, you'll need to give them a buff up with some latex shiner, though we'd advise you don't use this directly on either of the dildos themselves (if you want those shiny too lube works quite well but you can only use water based ones with latex).


Sex Toys UK£21.95

Sharon Sloane Latex Dildo Pants

The second offering from the Sharon Sloane line, the Peni Panty, has just a single external dildo and is a direct replacement for conventional strap ons. The latex, high cut panties are of a similar design to the double dildo model featured above and feature a firm but extremely comfortable foam filled dildo that is sculpted to simulate a real penis. This is perfect for slightly worried first time male partners as it's very forgiving - particularly if the wearer is a first time woman who has yet to perfect her thrusting technique!

The pleasure of the wearer is not forgotten either with the soft, sensual feel of the latex and the comfortable cut of the panty providing an extremely comfortable alternative to the endless straps found on conventional strap on toys.

Mens Dildo Pants With Internal Anal Dildo

Great fetish club wear or just for feeling good all day under your normal clothes! These high quality latex pants come with a nicely sized 5.5 inch (5.25 inch circumference) anal dildo built into the back that is ribbed and slightly curved but is flexible enough to wear for longer periods. The latex feels fantastic against the skin and the cut of the pants is tight enough to help keep the dildo in place but with the addition of a pouch at the front to ensure they're comfortable.

These shorts are great fun if you like to go out with a little secret!